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Italian Charnel House

The Charnel House was built on Gradič hill around the Church of St. Anthony. Along the road leading to the Charnel House, Stations of the Cross were erected. The Charnel House was opened in September 1938 by Benito Mussolini. It is constructed in the form of three concentric octagonal fields, diminishing in the upward direction, with the Church of St. Anthony on the very top, consecrated as early as 1669. Mortal remains of 7,014 known and unknown Italian soldiers fallen in the First World War were transferred to the Charnel House from the nearby military cemeteries. 

Duration: 1 hour

Access: on foot, by car or by bus (only a bus shorter than 12.5 m)

Guided tours are done in Slovenian, Italian, English, German and Croatian.

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Advance notice required for a guided tour. To make a reservation, contact us at:  or 00386 41 714 072.