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Director's speech

Dear visitors to the Kobarid Museum!

It seems that we are quite well acquainted with the heritage of the Isonzo Front, the central collection in the Kobarid Museum and the Walk of Peace which connects the WW1 remains and monuments along the front from the Alps to the Adriatic. A special value is attached to the silent witnesses of the time of a hundred years ago by the stories that we offer to visitors. There is a multitude of stories of the participants in the war which are interesting and useful material for everyone who is interested in the heritage of the Isonzo Front, and they are also widely applicable for the guided tours through the museum or along the Walk of Peace.

In Kobarid, specifically in our Kobarid Museum, visitors can reexperience in a special way the time of a hundred years ago when the maelstrom of war was raging here. Our museum is renowned for its potential for presenting through personal narratives of the participants in the Isonzo Front, the famous Twelfth Isonzo Battle in particular, the places, events and people that marked the Isonzo Front in a compassionate way.

We do believe that your visit to the Kobarid Museum will leave you breathless. It is certainly worth a visit. Welcome every day!

Martin Šolar, M.Sc., director of the Kobarid Museum

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