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Exhibition in Army Museum Žižkov in Prague


On Wednesday, 26. June 2024, there was a grand opening of the exhibition “29 months of fights along the Soča” in the Army Museum Žižkov in Prague.

During the solemn event there were speeches of the principal of Military History Institute Prague, brigade general Aleš Knižek, ambassadress of the Republic of Slovenia in Prague, mag. Tanja Strniša and the director of Kobarid museum, mag. Martin Šolar. The event was enriched by the wind quintet of the Czech army orchestra.

The exhibition is a chronological overview of the causes, events, battles and consequences of the first world war on the Slovenian soil and was on display in the Kobarid museum between October 2020 and October 2022. For the display in Prague, it was adjusted into Czech-English version and some panels, which are dedicated to Czech soldiers on the Soča river were added.

The grand opening happened one day after the Slovenian national holiday; the exhibition will be on display until 28. October 2024, the Czech national holiday. In this way we symbolically reunited the two nations, whose soldiers were suffering together during the first world war.